Welcome to D12’s House – Slaughterhouse Review

Forget everything you thought you knew about Slaughterhouse.

Done? Cool. Now, forget everything Slaughterhouse told you to expect from Slaughterhouse. You know, about how they were gonna “bring lyrics back”.  How they were gonna do it their way.

They didn’t. They did it Eminem’s way. We have the reincarnation of D-12. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (in terms of sales).

First off, the bringing lyrics back mantra is ridiculous. There is no lack of lyrics in hip-hop today. Matter of fact, there are plenty of rappers releasing projects that are much more lyrically potent than SH. Skyzoo, Honors English, Lupe Fiasco, Sha Stimuli – the substance in their music makes SH’s “rapping about rapping” seem….well, silly, at times. Not because there isn’t an audience for “look at how good I rap” rap, but because they position themselves as the champions of the underground who are here to do what no other artists have dared to do – be successful their way while utilizing lyrics. And that’s just not what this album is.

WTOH is going to alienate some fans, specifically their core fan base. They decided to take a stab at mainstream success, and I can’t blame them, I just didn’t expect it to be this blatant.

I might feel differently about this album if it was the collective’s first project and I had no expectations about their direction. But Slaughterhouse has released – based on my unofficial count – 49 albums/mixtapes/EPs between them, spanning more than a decade. And while I support growth, this feels like a completely different group. It feels like Eminem wanted to continue the moderate success he had with D12 instead of building something new with Slaughterhouse. The entire thing feels forced and contrived.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have history with Slaughterhouse. Before the group formed, I recorded songs with Budden, Royce and Joell separately, simply because they were three of my favorite artists. Once the group formed, I conducted interviews with all of them, covering studio sessions, previewing albums and covering their XXL shoot (where Joell also explained the origins of the word Yaowa). 

I haven’t had great results with SH regarding their reviews. I reviewed Joe’s Padded Room, which led to Joe’s PSA response to my claim that he was frustrated (yet completely ignoring the fact that I gave his album a 4/5). He also later went on a 10 minute BlogTV rant about me.

EDIT – my run continues. In reaction to this review, Royce tweets: 

(subsequently deleted)

But things really went sour during my HipHopGame.com review of their debut (where I actually gave it a very generous 3.75/5). I gave it a solid, but critical, review, I then received calls from Royce & his manager Kino demanding I change or remove the review because “we’re supposed to be boys”. I wouldn’t, for obvious reasons, and they said that I shouldn’t expect anymore SH access. I was fine with sacrificing group access for my integrity. This review is in no way biased. I wouldn’t give someone I’m cool with a positive review if they didn’t deserve it, just like I wouldn’t give a negative review to a good album just because the artist is an arrogant asshole who called me old and boring just a few weeks back (ie. my interview with Wale).

Royce had played me his entire Street Hop album and talked about Joe’s poor mixing. Crooked spoke with me for over two hours, discussing his shooting and his brother getting shot, while drinking a bottle of Ciroc. Joell and I spoke about how he got discovered. And I had lunch with Joe and Tahiry, at a time when nobody wanted to interview her. Joell & Royce talked about the formation of SH, back when it was at the very beginning. Great moments. Lost because I was honest. I’m still a fan and root for them to succeed.

Let me say this – it isn’t a horrible project. Not by any means. It just isn’t Slaughterhouse. It doesn’t establish them as anything we haven’t already heard. They didn’t establish a unique sound. There’s nothing here that reminds me anything of the past 49 projects. I’ve listened to ten years of these four artists say “fuck the industry” and slaughtering anyone who sells out for sales, yet they used their major label debut to copy industry trends. They’ve spent a decade berating artists who have done the exact thing they just did.

You cannot listen to Swizz yell “throw it away, just throw it away” and not sense the irony. This is the same track that Swizz has done again and again that dissed for ten years. Throw That is the exact same formula Eminem followed for every album until he no longer had to. And My Life was probably the most formulistic of the trio.

I’m good with one or two of those. I can even understand why they would include Throw That. But when you take all three, then add in Frat House, Flip a Bird (two of my favorite songs) and Coffin – all on the same album, by a group who have collectively never done anything like these records – it feels like this was Eminem’s creation and SH were just props. I want to hear Slaughterhouse when I buy a Slaughterhouse album.

And I don’t mind the enhanced personality they display, but they were never before known for that. To hear them acting silly and animated on so many songs left it feeling not believable and contrived.

They’ve definitely learned some new tricks, and I’m not against that. Marshal has done a good job expanding the comfort zone of each artist. I would’ve loved for this project to feel more like what we’ve come to expect, but over stronger beats and with more potent choruses – then sprinkled with some of these new tricks. Instead, it feels as if they took everything new that they’ve learned and lumped it into one project, while sprinkled in a few of their more expected songs. The transformation should’ve been more subtle. Instead, it’s inverted. Because of that, it feels like this album was done by a completely different group, or could’ve been done by any group. It doesn’t feel like it was built for these rappers. The instrumentals are so busy that they don’t compliment the artists. They don’t give the lyrics room to shine.

They failed to establish a sound with this album. Instead, they just used everyone else’s. There’s nothing I could hear that would lead me to say “that sounds like a Slaughterhouse track”. Wu-Tang, G-Unit, Dipset, Roc-A-Fella and MMG all had their own signature sound. It seems they just took everything was hot and tried to do one of each. It’s just Slaughterhouse emulating D12’s style. The problem is – did D12 have fans? Or were they just people who listened to the group to hear Eminem? I’m afraid that’s what SH might become.

Another problem. When I invest 60 minutes of my life to listen to an album, I like to learn about the artist. Most of this album, however, regurgitated the same topics. There was Joe’s Goodbye verse and Crooked’s Flip a Bird verse, but mostly, they rap about how great they rap. I thought Other Side and Asylum (which I just heard, moments before writing this) would’ve been great additions to the album. They had actual concepts and gave them the opportunity to display their lyrical talents by doing more than just bragging. Frat House was a nice display by everyone involved and properly displayed some of their newfound humor, without sacrificing who they are as a group.

I loved Flip a Bird overall – beat, flow – but thought they could’ve done more with the concept. I thought Crooked’s verse was the only one that felt authentic, while Joell felt at least believable. Joe and Royce could’ve done more with this song. Thought Royce’s flow was impeccable.

Our House was a solid track, but dragged a bit. I liked the energy of Coffin, but it felt way too busy to me. Throw That was so typical. Hammer Dance was a great single and was a prime example of the sound SH should’ve looked for more.

Get Up was a standout track to me. It had energy, lyrics and personality. Park it Sideways had such a great feel, but the lyrics were the corniest I’ve heard on the entire album. I don’t think anybody really stood out (though Joe’s “weak in the knees be” flow was dope). The hook and beat carried.

I’m looking forward to removing Die from my playlist, once this review is finished. And Our Way was fine, I guess, but at over five minutes? I can’t see myself listening on a regular basis.

The thing with rap like this is – if the verses aren’t telling a story, then I better be entertained by every line. There are far too many corny lines mixed in with the dope ones. It’s unsatisfying. I’m sure there are still fans of punchlines, but to me? It doesn’t seem like something a major label group with over 40 combined years in the industry should be focusing on. Seems like they’re capable of more. Even when they rap with substance, it’s usually about dead family members and hardships – hardly new ground for a rapper. I wish they could’ve explored some new, unique topics, or at least these same topics, but in different ways.

Crooked I and Joell Ortiz definitely stood out on this album. They sounded hungry on every verse and never let their guard down. I can’t think of a single Crooked verse that I didn’t think was great, while Joell displayed great charisma without sacrificing anything lyrically (sans the “knick knack paddywack” and “spin the wheel, no Sajack” lines).

Royce came off as the most comfortable, most willing to experiment, and unquestioned front man of the group. He’s rapped with Marshall before, so never did he feel out of place. Unfortunately, he, more than anyone else, lacked substance in his raps. He sounds as if he’s run out of things to rap about. The flow is good and his confidence is at an all time high, but the lyrics are just boring. Maybe it’s because I’m such a Royce fan and have heard all his projects. Perhaps, it will all be new to the new fans.

This next statement is going to bury my twitter mentions for a week, courtesy of Joe Budden stans (who are convinced that Joe “steals” every track he appears on), but Joe had the least impressive performance on the album. He came off as boring and disinterested. There was a complete lack of creativity in his verses and he wasn’t very good at adapting to the new direction. He also had the best verse on the entire album with his Goodbye effort. And if you’re a Joe fan, I’m sure you’re convinced he was the standout. But he wasn’t. Joe sounded comfortable only when they were recording Joe-type records. Everything else felt like canned verses.

I will say this: selfishly – the group, itself – has released enough good music to make me happy. If you combine some of the best tracks off of their mixtape (some day, I want someone to explain why they released a mixtape just days before the album), like Juggernauts and Gone, with the best songs off WTOH, and maybe even mix in a couple off of their EP – you’d have a really great collection of music. They make good music, they just lack direction. They’ve yet to put together a great project. But there is plenty of great music.

Fans of Slaughterhouse want to like their music. We’re fans. We want to see them win. They’re all relatable. I found myself trying to like certain songs that I normally wouldn’t. I think a lot of fans will be doing the same (what would a SH fan say if any other artist released Throw it Away). Most of us will be replacing songs from the album with songs from the mixtape. That’s a telltale sign.

If I was rating this album, I wouldn’t give it more than a 7/10. The beats are better than their debut, and they did a much better job of changing up the formula (aka 4 verses per song), but they haven’t established a sound. If this album was released by anyone else, I think most SH fans would hate it. We’ve convinced ourselves that this is a natural evolution.

Also, those other movements always stood together. Joe Budden, who is probably the most known and influential of the foursome, has spent the past few weeks on BlogTV and twitter distancing himself from the album. While some of it is surely posturing, in the event that the album isn’t received well (see: Joe & Ice publicly reaching out to Kendrick on twitter for a Black Hippy collab, while his boss Em is best friends with Dre, and Jimmy walked Kendrick into Dre’s office – as if it was him that could make a collab happen), it does a lot of damage to people who are on the fence about this new sound. Whether or not he is satisfied with the final tracklisting (I have it from two exceptionally strong sources that Joe is not only behind the songs, but was the loudest voice in the room when it came to recording these – but this is meaningless without revealing the people I spoke with, so I’ll leave this topic alone), you have a responsibility to your label, to your group, and to your fans to stand behind the music and be accountable. He, more than anyone, should be using his influence to tell people that this is the new sound. This isn’t a Joe Budden solo project, so even if he was outvoted on certain decisions, he needs to present a unified front. If not, he’s basically sabotaging the project. It’s difficult to feel a project when the artist says they aren’t behind it. You recorded the songs. Accept responsibility for the final project.

It reminds me of Lupe with Lasers (PS – you can NOT defend WTOH if you hated on Lupe for Lasers). I’m a huge Lupe fan (talk about “bringing lyrics back”), but I hated that he spoke out so venomously against the album. I still strongly believe it was staged, just so Lupe could release a pop album while maintaining his credibility, but it’s just a theory. I hate that Joe is playing songs that didn’t make the mixtape and album on BlogTV the day these projects leak. I hate that he’s promoting his solo stuff (which isn’t even recorded yet) the week of the release and saying his “hands were tied” as far as Slaughterhouse goes. Even if he didn’t agree wit the song choices, he agreed to accept the label’s money. Everyone in Slaughterhouse should have enough money by now to record and release their own album, where they can maintain creative control. If their music is that important? Go that route. If you do not want to invest your own money and accept somebody else’s? Then you’re selling control. Stop acting surprised. This isn’t a new thing for anyone in the group. I’m tired of the complaining.

Do I think the album will be successful? Hard to tell. Shady Records is really doing everything possible to force-feed us these records. They already have 3 singles and 3 videos – amazing for a major label project with no sales history with the label. Bad Meets Evil sold 170k first week. It had a huge single, which SH has failed replicate, but was only an EP and didn’t have nearly the support that WTOH has. I think Eminem’s involvement is enough to guarantee at least moderate success. Yelawolf did 50k without much backing, and he didn’t have the built-in fan base that these four have. I’d expect somewhere close to 90k. Enough to keep them relevant enough to consider future projects and keep them touring. For their sake, I hope the album does well. I also hope they all feel that it was worth taking these shortcuts and becoming what they claimed they’ve hated.

Let me know if you agree or disagree below. Also, post your “WTOH 2.0 Playlists”.


SIDENOTE: You should all purchase this album. Between the mixtape and the album, they’ve given fans plenty of good, new music to listen to. For that alone, we should support. If we don’t, we won’t get any new music from them. Matter of fact, I’m bumping my version of the album now:

Our House
Hammer Dance
Get Up
My Life
Flip a Bird
Rescue Me
Weight Scaale
All on Me
Park it Sideways

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  1. Man… We shared a lot of the same views about the album. I love Budden tho, which is in part why I think he was the standout. But other than that, agreed with pretty much everything. Spot on brother.


    1. Thanks bro. Yea, if you’re a fan of one particular artist, you’ll probably think they stole the show. But from an outside view, I was disappointed with Budden on this.


  2. I don’t think SH is anything like D12. SH didn’t take on Em’s image like D12. I thought the album was good except a couple of songs.I didn’t know Budden was distancing himself away from it. I’m a fan of that 90’s random punchline style so I may be biased but, I feel like on this major shot this would be the time to try out making a little more commercial music.Why half ass it? I think 90K is being nice but, I hope so.I’m thinking like 50K for some reason.You may know better than me though.I think 7/10 is fair


  3. im lookin forward to hearing Wil, its @alwaystilted. im gonna take a guess and say that they shouldve changed their sound (u said it doesnt sound like “slaughterhouse”) bit by bit, a bit more slowly i guess to not shock the fans and make the transition easier. also, i wonder, i havent heard the funny tracks u mentioned,but sh is really funny in their blogs/interviews/etc so i can see how it could be funny TO ME but not someone else. that or they just failed at making it funny but the idea/concept seemed funny at the conception of the idea.
    later wil. always glad that u r objective to reviews. btw, i like my life, it grew on me. at first i hated the song but to me it means, my four underdogs “made it”. u r right bout hammerdance being what this album shouldve sounded like



  4. I’m a HUGE fan of SH… HUGE!! And I will continue to support SH on all their projects.. But as much as it pains me, I have to agree with 175%!! There are a lot of songs on the album that I found myself forcing myself to like.. That shouldn’t be the case with me as a Die Hard Fan!!! I’m suppose to automaticly think highly of all of their projects.. (Not that I think this is a bad project.. Hell, I’m in Memphis!! It’s better then 90% of the shit on the radio here..), I’m suppose to be able to tell me homies when they ask, “What that SH sound like??”, “GREATEST ALBUM EVER!!”.. But I can’t… The only thing I can say is “Its pretty cool”.. I’m so confused right now.. But maybe this why the mixtape dropped days before the album.. Maybe they figured the album was far off from their norm, and wanted to cater to their core fans, so they wouldn’t feel “Alienated” as you so gracefully put it.. Lol!! But all and all, I can live with it.. Could’ve been worst.. Could’ve been the Hip Hop version of “Pluto Nash”.. *shrug*

    Our House
    Throw That
    Get Up
    Flip A Bird
    My Life
    Rescue Me
    Frat House
    Our Way
    Walk Of Shame



    1. Yea man. I found myself making excuses for records that I would’ve HATED had it have been any other artist. That’s why I took my time writing this review. Had to sort through the confusion.

      Dope list! But Coffin? I wasn’t crazy about that record.


      1. I want to take the time and commend you for keeping your integrity in tact and not being afraid to write an honest and unbiased review of this album. I, like many on this page, am a die hard slaughterhouse fan, but find myself incredibly disillusioned and disheartened by their sophomore album. I too have the same complaints, and share similar grievances, about the final product- here is hoping that slaughterhouse members are mature enough to take this review as constructive feedback, and consider the opinions of their TRUE fans (us), for their next project


  5. Agreed with EVERYTHING u said but Joell leading the way on this with crooked.

    While his energy was on par, and flow were fire, his bars were some of the worst I’ve ever heard out of nah of the 4 of them. “Don’t walk with your nose in the air if u got big boogers” “like a flat in the winter we ain’t goin no where” “we the 60 min crew, this year Finna be HOUR year” I could go on and on. He didn’t have ONE VERSE without a sub par, two chains type bar in it.

    I enjoyed the album SUPREMELY on the first listen because of pure excitement, but now after a few listens, I can’t play asylum, my life, throw that,
    The title track, throw it away, and probably 2 more. That’s sad to me. I absolutely LOVE their first album, even still to this day. Subtract the skits and 2 songs and its much better imo. I mean, Jesus, they had a song on this album that was essentially “cuckoo 2.0” for what reason?? Oh, and I hated park it sideways as well. Smh.

    You’re right tho…. This wasn’t a SH album…. Too many songs were hand picked by em to “cross over” and I’m afraid even the people they were targeting won’t be impressed.
    Great review!!!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Jay. I may have overhyped Joell a little, but only cus I feel his music so much. I’m a really big fan. Not as big a fan as Joe, but I don’t hold Joell up to the same heights as Joe, mainly because of Joe’s accomplishments. I expect more. But I really did think Joell sounded hungry on this. I liked his verses a LOT.


  6. “Fans of Slaughterhouse want to like their music. We’re fans. We want to see them win. They’re all relatable. I found myself trying to like certain songs that I normally wouldn’t. I think a lot of fans will be doing the same (what would a SH fan say if any other artist released Throw it Away). Most of us will be replacing songs from the album with songs from the mixtape. That’s a telltale sign.”

    this sums up how i feel


  7. Your opinion is biased when it come to budden dog, its now obvious and a fact, i think you know it tho. So you’re sounding more uninspired than slaughterhouse on their album.
    U act like only joey stans could think he’s a standout on this, but when u go to any rap forums exept crookedi boss board, thats the consensus, kanye forum, boxden, studioleaks (a shadyforum) ….. Plus u cant complain about the lack of substance on it and focus ur review on budden after smh.
    Other funny thing is you take the slaughterhouse road to tell us which artist are lyrically potent but forget voluntarily that joell and budden, as solo artists are lyrically more potent too.
    I give this album a 3.5/10 and i give ur review a 1.5/10.

    ps: smh@Joell stood out, he got more corny punchlines in this album album than papose & weezy in their career.
    He’s the member who bring the less substance too. His only dope verse was our hourse.
    Another obvious thing that all rap fans have heard here minus you, its look like you loooooooove bashing royce & joe but it seems more difficult when it come to joell, maybe cuz he dont threaten you, dont know


    1. The only part of your post that I’d say you’re accurate on is that I’m easier on Joell – and even Crooked – than on Royce and Joe. And that obviously has nothing to do with them “threatening” me (that’s a very loose use of the word). If you knew me, you’d know that. But it has everything to do with the way they conduct themselves. Why am I harder on Wale, Joe, etc.? Because they’re the ones talking and bragging about how classic everything is. So I’m going to scrutinize their work more. They talk more, so I expect them to back it up.

      Joell and Crooked – even during all the Raekwon nonsense – they just handled their own business. I respect how they go about things. If Skyzoo dropped a subpar album tomorrow, I wouldn’t bash him. But if he was boasting about how he was single-handedly changing music and he was calling every song a classic? Then sure. I’d be much more outgoing about the project if it didn’t live up to the hype.

      Everything else you said was just completely off-base.

      LET ME ASK YOU THIS: how many TOP 50 verses do you think Joe had on WTOH? Besides Goodbye? I’m guessing none. The reason is, Joe has sounded infinitely better on so many of his solo tracks than he did on almost everything here. Sure, his verses were solid. Nobody’s saying they were bad. But if you’re a fan of Joe Budden, you know the caliber of raps he’s able to deliver. They usually come on songs like All of Me, which SH didn’t have on this album. The majority of his verses sounded like he was just rapping for the song, and not FEELING the music. You can disagree if you want, and you can call me a hater if you want, but if you know anything about me at all, it’s that I think Joe has all the talent in the world. So when I hear average stuff from him? I’m going to call him out for it.

      You think the review was “focused on Budden” because you’re a Budden fan. Same reason you think he sounded the best on every song. You’re listening for him. Looking for him in the review. Royce fans think he sounded best on the album. Same with Crooked fans. Same with Joell fans. And honestly? Kudos to anybody who thinks Joe stood out. In my OPINION, he didn’t. And it has nothing to do with Joe personally, because I said he sounded like the star on the first one. But I’ve heard Joe rap a hundred times better on his solo projects. Period.


  8. I’m inclined to agree. I gave the album 4/5 stars. I am a Joe budden fan, but he didn’t do a lot on the album. I think he could’ve shined more, but a lot of those songs didn’t fit with him. I really believe royce was the weakest link out of the four. Crooked I was the most hungry alongside ortiz. I don’t think throw it away it my life were great singles that fit the group. Throw it away sounded as if they were reaching for a song that doesn’t fit into their styles. The mixtape maybe better than the album if not equal. They should’ve just made a double disc instead of releasing the mixtape a week before. Smh


  9. Album left me very disappointed the more i listened to it. We have different tastes and I seem to be one of the only people i know that likes “Die”, but except for maybe 3 songs total, I didnt like this album at all. And the more I thought about it, I felt it was Eminem’s “Fault”. I can understand polishing their sound and making it bigger; I can even understand certain beat selections/features….but the creative direction behind this album is where it lacks. Yes we know they can rap…..yes we know they’ve been left for “dead”….but this Album drove that home in a bad way and simultaneously tried to incorporate this newer sound which left the listener feeling confused. But Im happy for these guys, wish them success and hopefully the next album is better.


  10. HUGE Budden and SH fan..I haven’t heard the album yet but the singles have been very telling and shown that they were moving toward sales over substance…..I’m perfectly ok with that, cant knock their hustle and I want them to win but I’d much rather they win on their own terms and being themselves and making music that made me love them. I played their first album nonstop for months..I’ll still be purchasing off GP. And I def don’t think there was any “hate” in the review. Its your opinion. Fans need to learn to be fans and stop being dickriders and making excuses for their favorite artists, push them to do better! I’ll comment again after I actually listen


  11. I really liked this album on the first listen aside from Throw That, Throw it Away and Coffins. I don’t feel they’ve sacrificed lyrical integrity, as they are all still using multi-syllabic references and all that other shit underground fans like to drool over. I’m also not as harsh on the animation in their voices, just because it shows growth to me.

    A part of me feels like they are running out of material to spit about because Coffins sounded a lot like Onslaught 2, Goodbye like Rain Drops, and maybe one more that was way too similar in intentions.

    I CAN’T believe you said that Joell is leading the album though. Like it was mentioned before, I’m still discovering new corny lines from that dude. His similes and metaphors are so forced/cheesy that they get stuck in my head after hearing them. Crooked I, on the other hand though, wrecked this album. Easily the most consistent in the group.

    This album has much more replay value than the last. I already have been playing it a lot. I agree that they haven’t found a song yet. The album sounds like each song has a designated purpose for a fanbase, rather than a designated purpose for fitting into their style and sound.


  12. Wil, you’re dead on about fans needing to expect more from the artists. I’m just tired of people assuming and carrying themselves as if they HAVE TO support everything the artists put out on the fan basis, alone. Sounds like the adage “My dad can beat up your dad.” SMDH. Fans/supporters need to stop being “Yes Men” and give honest unbiased feedback. Sure it’s hard to combat biases, but when one makes it obvious that they’re influenced by that bias, they might as well shut up. I have a deeper respect for you now that I know what you went through to maintain integrity. I’m also disappointed that more artists don’t welcome constructive criticism, especially coming from supporters/fans with more of an inside track like you. Thanks for your honesty. I haven’t heard the album, yet, but I’m anxious to see what all the fuss is about.




  13. Album is trash. I’m a SH fan … that’s the problem. It wasn’t designed for a SH fan, it was designed for an “idea” which is why your comparison to Lupe’s trash album (Lasers) is directly on point. I bought Lasers then it instantly started collecting dust. This album will do the same.


  14. Thank you finally. They have no sound what so ever. This didn’t feel like a body of work, it felt more like a bunch of different songs put together.

    Kind of wish they would let somebody like Kanye or even No. ID executive produce the album cause I think that sound would fit them more.

    great article,


  15. I tip my hat to you for not letting those 2 crybabies in Slaughterhouse discourage you from giving an honest, spot on review. Nice work good sir.


  16. gonna make this simple and quick, and try not to ramble.. ..

    pretty much like i’ve read da replies via twitter, i didnt see anything wrong with with this review. its a good review, hell da album itself could have really called for harsher reviews based off previous things they’ve said. sum things u said that i agree with that it didnt create their unique sound, to me it just seemed like a featured album with 4 artists featuring each other (if that makes sense). 2nd, that bring lyrics back shit has really got old (and has turnt into a gimmick as well), cause the lyrics are out there (like u said and gave examples of); people are either just to lazy to look for the songs with them or too scared to say they like sumthin their peers dont like (could be the result of trying to be in the in crowd via social media). 3rd: i expected more from this project as well, its not bad but it just seemed more like the shit they said they were against doin. 4th: i agree crooked and joell verses did stand out more on the album imo too, i say that cause at times i found myself driftin away from listenin til they rap’d.

    preciate u keep ya integrity by writing a good review, instead of taking the cosign route.. .(which i dont blame cause it really seems if u tell some of these artist today u like their work, they’ll eventually turn it around as a person riding their dick or if u dont, well i’ve as well as others with a open hav seen da result of via your twitter)

    i’ve yet to create a playlist for this album and prolly wont b/c id jus end up takin songs from the album, mixtape and sum of their individual mixtapes to make a full playlist (for instance, the track monsters in my head that was on crooked i mixtape and kinda feel dey prolly should have added it to the album after listenin to it. ..)


  17. First off, FUCK ANYONE BLAMING EMINEM. Slaughterhouse was given creative control over the album. THEY chose the producers that came through, THEY chose the features.
    Case in point- Cee-lo was Royce’s idea
    Skylar Grey was Alex Da Kid’s idea.
    The guy on Die was coz that is Mr Porter’s style.

    And the producers, what the fuck where they expecting when they brought in Kane Beatz?! Or Alex Da Kid?!! Or even fucking Hitboy and J.U.S.T.I.C.E league. They got the same sound these producers are known for!! Joe Budden himself is on record saying he loved the J.U.S.T.I.C.E league record.

    Plus, ya’ll should look at the three Eminem produced tracks on this album. They are not loud, noisy all over the place. They are crisp, clean and have a distinct sound.

    That said, i agree with you in terms of how they did all the recording of the album right but the final tracklisting was wrong. In a dream world, this would be my 60 minutes of slaughterhouse-

    1- Our House (Feat Eminem and Skylar Grey)
    2- Juggernauts (Feat Eminem)
    3- Hammerdance
    4- Monsters in my Head (Feat Colin Monroe)
    5- Truth Or Truth Part 1
    6- My Life (Feat Cee-lo Green)
    7- Frat House
    8- Walk of Shame
    9- Asylum (feat Eminem)
    10- Goodbye (feat random chick)
    11- Our Way.


    1. ha that’s a dope list, Valentine. i LOVE Asylum. I use the Joe-only version of Truth or Truth, personally. And Monsters is really dope too, I almost forgot about that one. and yea, Joe is backtracking now, but I remember him saying that too.

      This wasn’t Eminem’s album. He let these dudes do what they do. They CHOSE this route and it backfired. Hopefully, they get another chance.


  18. never a fan of joe button, so by default not a slaughterhouse fan

    used to be a big joell fan back when he was coming up with Kool G Rap till about his Bodega LP

    nowadays his flow/lyrics seem contrived. also I didn’t appreciate his various mentions of Big Pun, I don’t care how many shows he does with Joe Crack.

    Royce? what can I say about someone I haven’t loved the same since Death is Certain. even eminem has expanded his lyrics and topics. Royce has regressed an insane amount. he went from Kings of Kings to every verse being punchlines about his penis and guns.

    Crooked I seems to not do any wrong. he went from Thug archetype to clever lyricist YEARS ago and he is the only reason id check for a Slaugherhouse song. Definition of growth of an artists, I look foward to his next solo.

    As far as I’m concerned if Crooked I was the leader I might respect the group more and I think a team is nothing without a good leader. He does his best G-Rap/Melle/Kane impressions effortlessly and spent his years not beefing and making videos of substance, opposite of joe.

    the last opportunity I had to view Slaughterhouse live I opted out to watch another artist (Rock The Bells 07 I believe). I was still ashamed over the whole MethodMan/Wu fiasco, so I couldn’t be real unbias and give there performance a lookover.

    In two days I will have a chance to see them again and my attitude has changed toward slaughterhouse


    1. I find it funny and ironic that Joe is advocating violence on a reviewer and fellow hiphop head. I guess he forgot about gettin punched in the face live on the internet curteousy of Icewater INC.

      His threats are meaningless and only speaking on my cities behalf for someone who received the key by the mayor but doesn’t walk the streets because he can’t. Ill even take it one step further and say he is a man with no home.


  19. I want to take the time and commend you for keeping your integrity in tact and not being afraid to write an honest and unbiased review of this album. I, like many on this page, am a die hard slaughterhouse fan, but find myself incredibly disillusioned and disheartened by their sophomore album. I too have the same complaints, and share similar grievances, about the final product- here is hoping that slaughterhouse members are mature enough to take this review as constructive feedback, and consider the opinions of their TRUE fans (us), for their next project


  20. So I read thru your site for the 1st time a couple days ago. The little that I read, I gotta say, this review u stayed right on track with your swingin on Joell and Crookeds nuts and sounding like a mad ex-bitch of Royce and Joe. Its lame all this bullshit u claim about honest and unbiased, your Integrity. That’s a joke. I respect honesty and integrity, but that’s not the real deal here. More like the Stan fan that secretly worships these dudes but in public u wanna act like u hate cuz they don’t wanna be bff with u. U should of at least Tried to not be so predictable.
    I clicked on your review of the last album. Your whole bitch that time was it sounded the same, they didn’t step out of their comfort zone…blah blah. If u look at your last complaints and then this album, seems like you’d be happy right. Like they took your advice. But nah, u don’t mention it, give credit, just bitch about the very shit u thought they should have done last album. Whatever dude. I think you’re wack. You’re way to much of a girl with your emotions about artist on a personal level to ever give a honest unbiased review of the music.
    I could give a shit that u gave it bad review (but try to back track here n there, I’d love to see the bs u originally wrote, bet it was so hater-rific), its the lame ass not being capable of giving a real review cuz u have to many jealous ex-bitch tendencies.
    I know Royce can be a asshole but if u love real hip hop and lyrics like u say u do, how thE fuck are u gonna say something about him lyrically lacking substance?! Admit dudes a beast and keep it movin. Don’t let your tampon get ya off track.
    Your so focused on these guys, undercover worship, instead of hearing a song for what it is u make assumptions on their inner feelings and thoughts (your review on Padded Room that u linked to). So you spent a couple minutes hangin with them way back, yayyy for u, you think u can speak on what was going thru his head? Come back stan, your lost in super fan confusion. He did a good job bringing out and displaying emotion in a song, painted a vivid picture for u.  
    Its pretty obvious where it went south. You hung with them before and right in the beginning of SH. Crushin on Royce and Joe the most. They finally got big and maybe u didn’t get a phone call back, u felt hoed and been “expressing” yourself since.
    If u were boys like u say Royce and Kino said, instead of jeopardizing your integrity (bullshit), who said u HAD to speak? Couldn’t u just shut the fuck up?!
    You can’t say integrity. MY Integrity (what yours should have been if u were in fact boys), my moral and ethical code would have been to Not speak badly or harm my people in any way. Your supposed to defend your ppl to the plethora of haters out there. Not join em damn, especially on some wack emotional girl shit.  
    Oh and you’re a rapper too right? So when I check out your music, after your expert opinions and such high standards and expectations, your shit is gonna be some out of this world phenomenal shit right? Cuz that wouldn’t seem hypocritical if wasn’t even in the same league as these people u criticize.      
    From a outsider that don’t give a shit about ya to coddle your feelings, stop doing reviews until u man up a bit, your making yourself look bad.


    1. “stop doing reviews until you man up a bit” – yet you didn’t leave an email or link. you’re just anonymous. at least i always stand here and back up my statements.

      you “read thru my site” and i stayed on track with swinging on Joell & Crooked’s nuts? well, where on my site have I ever talked about Joell or Crooked outside of this review? There is NOTHING on my site that talks about either of them. nice try, tho.

      i cant give an unbiased review of SH because i supposedly hate them, yet 2 weeks after Wale insulted me in an interview, i gave the album a great review. cool.

      and so you say that because me and SH were “boys”, i shouldn’t have reviewed their album. and you call THAT “integrity”? our definitions are obviously much different.

      i appreciate the fact that you’re a fan and care enough about them to take the time to write out such a long, hateful review. and unlike your heroes on twitter who RT every compliment and block everyone who is critical, i will not delete your comment. i don’t delete any negative comments. nor do i threaten to slap people who leave negative comments. and i dont get upset and cry over negative comments, the way your heroes do.

      i’m a girl, yet they’re the ones upset and leaving threats over some guy’s opinion. cool. keep on keepin’ on.


      1. I left my email, put my name, Jenna D. Trust me dude I’m not a super fan or groupie of anyone, ever. I just thought it was lame as hell what u wrote, all out of spite for 2 of them. 2 that u obviously looked up to at 1 point and got your feelings hurt, then started the shit talkin trying to play it off like you’re keeping it real and honest. Ok.
        Usually real music critics aren’t also artist themselves. There’s a reason for that. You’re a rapper, do shit the rapper ass way,, talk shit on a diss track, battle if u feel so strongly about it. And if you’re not better than what you’re slammin u should fall back.
        Not MY hero’s, haha, u don’t know me At All, I just saw some wack shit and felt like calling it how I see it.
        You’re like the ex-chick that talks shit just to get attention and still be relevant. You’d run back if u could. THEN shit would of been Its a Classic! Cmon man, admit your reviews are based off how you’re personally feeling about people, not strictly the music like a real critic.
        Whatever, get back to the studio and “keep it real”.
        JENNA D ,, JennaDetroit (better?)


      2. i’m actually not a rapper at all. when i was younger, i released a few albums, – some of which i performed on. but the last album i was involved in – exec produced and wrote – was better than the slaughterhouse album. listen to Sorry I’m Late and THEN question if i know what i’m talking about. you can find it in the music tab of this site or at http://www.soundcloud.com/culturevi


      3. Wow pretty nice considering I’m being kinda…not so nice. I guess too it’s that u come off like your trying to eat off but bring down at the same time, I hate that shit. I just feel like if u benefit off someone and they’re cool with u, why do anything to bring em down if they haven’t done that to you.
        Seems like your trying to be damaging and u single out the 2 your not personally feeling right now. U see how it comes off kinda fucked up?


      4. i know what you mean, and i understand why you’d think that – looking from the outside-in – but it just isn’t true. i want nothing more than for these guys to win. it KILLED me writing this. i wanted so badly to like the album a lot and write something supporting it. that’s why i included the paragraph telling people to buy it. i was talking to Crystal just the other day (Joe’s manager) telling her how proud i was that they got to record an album with Em. i have no animosity at all towards any of these four guys – despite their reaction on twitter – but i’ll always write exactly how i feel, regardless of personal relationships.


  21. This album is an embarrassment, plain and simple. I bought the first album, have bought number solo projects, traveled to see them in concert twice and Joe solo twice and had high hopes and expectations for the album based off their access to better production and having a strong support system behind them. Instead this sounds like an Eminem album, and that’s not a positive. Em is a brilliant lyricist and technical rapper but his albums have always been flawed and his ear for beats is historically worse than Nasir’s and these beats all sound like leftovers that Em just had laying around from his last project. His influence was obviously pretty heavy on this and it shows in that the album sounds different and considerably worse than anything they’ve previously done. Minus the mixing and mastering of course. Nas pretty much showed rappers this year how to be successful while making honest music that reflects your age, experience and ability and Slaughterhouse comes out a few months later with an amateur sounding album that is obviously pandering to the masses. This album is the epitome of selling out and if they can’t see that then they’re obviously delusional at this point. You can’t brag so adamantly about making it on your own terms if the second you “make it” you abandon all that got you to that point in favor of what you’re led to believe with garner you a little more adulation from teenyboppers. 4 of the best and most technical rappers of the past ten years made an album full of TRL music, that’s not making it, that’s proving the doubters and critics that took aim at you throughout your careers more right than ever in that you’re admitting that you didn’t even believe that rhetoric you were spewing and you never really believed in yourselves or your music either. 50 turned into Ja-Rule after lambasting him and Slaughterhouse took a similar route for the same of fame.


    1. i don’t think it was an embarrassment. i think the album was still solid and had good records. but hearing the mix tape, it’s evident that they had the material to make a GREAT album but chose not to. they sacrificed better music to try and appeal to a mainstream audience. it didn’t work, as evidence by their poor first week sales.


  22. That mixtape felt like a preemptive apology as a result of their embarrassment. More “Hammerdance” and “Woodstock”, “Move On” etc… less “Purple Pills” part 2.


  23. Excuse me CultureVI but I think you are out of touch. This new SH WTOH project/Album is really a good look.
    Sorry but SH has been labeled like you said in their past projects as yes underground and gritty rap, There is nothing wrong with growing as a group, you know breaking that barrier of underground rap, Yes it is nice to have been where they were. But they had to grow music wise and even financially, as it is hip hop, the transition was important and not just important for all 4 members of a group, but the transition was just in time. I have not heard the whole album yet but it is interesting as to see SH grow as a group, You can’t really say that about other hip hop groups. Great Article but a bit out of touch culture. Relax, Smoke a Jay, Take A Drank. And Buy That SH Welcome To Our House! Do It!!!


    1. I bought two copies already – one hard copy and one itunes.

      i’m not out of touch at all lol. making mainstream music is fine, if they had done it well. but they didn’t (none of their singles caught on or garnered airplay). they’re only selling 50k this week. they could’ve done that with their core music. they made these songs in an attempt to sell records and they failed. it was a bad decision.


  24. Truthfully…

    I like the album. A lot. It’s not one of the best of the year, but it’s still dope enough for me to spend money on it, lol.

    I still felt that they disguised the lyrics as much as they could without dumbing it down (except, “Park It Sideways”… those verses were bad, excluding Crooked’s). That being said, this is the first post I’ve read that gives LEGIT points on why it’s an underwhelming album.

    I see the points you’re hitting, and I dig it. We can agree to disagree, but I always dig when things are wrote from an intelligent viewpoint, and you did that well. Also agree concerning them not really establishing a “sound”…

    I still don’t think it’s D-12’ish (except “Throw That”), due to SH’s lyrics being 10x better than D-12 for the most part, but I get what you’re saying. Respect.


  25. Wow,long read but true words indeed. My thing is, for a group that claims to exemplify “true hip-hop”, they acted like some suckers if they truly threatened ol boy because of him giving his honest “opinion” about their album, which he was dead-on about.


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